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The traditional strategy board game Ludo can be played by two to four players solo or in teams. The Indian game Pachisi, which was popular in the sixth century, is where Ludo got its start. The game has gone viral and is played all over the world. Playing the board game with your family and friends is a great idea. 


Ludo is also easier to play thanks to technological advancements; all you need is a computer or a mobile device. The ludo game’s rules are fairly straightforward and uncomplicated. Each of the four quadrants on the Ludo board is a different color: Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. Each participant selects the color quadrant they want to use.


The chosen player then receives tokens of the same color as the selected quadrant, rolls the die, and takes turns completing the game’s objective. Each player in the Ludo game has four tokens, which they race from beginning to end with. Depending on the result of the die roll, the players move their tokens on the board. 


The game is won by the first person to get all four tokens to the finish line. When moving their tokens in Ludo, players must use a lot of strategy and observation in addition to depending on the number they receive when rolling the dice.